Oncidium Hwuluduen Nova 'Red Cherry' 葫蘆墩紅櫻桃文心蘭

Oncidium Hwuluduen Nova 'Red Cherry' 葫蘆墩紅櫻桃文心蘭


起源與發展Origin and development


Oncidium is a highly adaptable plant that thrives in a wide variety of habitats, the Vinelandia is a highly adaptable plant that thrives in a wide variety of habitats. After continuous breeding and improvement since 2009, the 'Red Cherry' has finally emerged as a new star in Taiwan's flower market with its outstanding performance in 2022. The stability of this variety has been rigorously tested for more than five years to ensure its healthy growth in all climatic conditions.

 Red Cherry

屬於她的魅力The Attraction


The most fascinating thing about her is her even more gorgeous colors and magnificent flower shapes. Her distinctive red color is not only a sight to behold, it is also the first choice of many flower lovers and professional florists. In November, she needs more care after her stalks have been pulled out.


栽培與護理Cultivation and Care


The "Red Cherry" is very adaptable to a variety of environments, especially on the channel of the Dajia River in Taichung's eastern edge, where the temperature varies greatly. Under these conditions, the red cherry shows its true value. Providing more sunlight exposure during the winter and regular fertilization will ensure healthy growth and blooms while achieving optimal flowering.


在市場上的表現Performance in the market

From 2023 onwards, the popularity of the 'Red Cherry' orchid has risen sharply, gaining recognition not only in the professional flower market, but also among home gardeners. Her unique appearance and color are the main reasons why she stands out on the market.


Red Cherry



  1. "紅櫻桃"文心蘭需要特殊照顧嗎 Does 'Red Cherry' need special care?
    Although 'Red Cherry' bloom year-round in our gardens, the longest and most spectacular blooms can be achieved with special care during the winter months. If the flower stalks appear early, consider pruning.

  2. 這個品種的花期有多長 How long does this variety bloom?
    盆栽:最長可達2個月, Potted plants up to 2 months
    切花3週, Cut flowers up to 3 weeks

  3. 我應該如何選擇適合的土壤和肥料How do I choose the right soil and fertilizer?
    For indoor planting, it is recommended to use moss and water them about once every 3 weeks. Use liquid fertilizer with regular watering.

  4. 在室內養護文心蘭有哪些技巧What are the tips for keeping orchids indoors?
    Lighting: Oncidium need plenty of light, so you can use plant lights as a light source

  5. 「 紅櫻桃」文心蘭如何應對極端氣候How to deal with extreme weather for "Red Cherry" orchid?
    In summer, high temperature may affect its growth and blooming, so it is recommended to shade it up to 65% when the temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius. This will ensure that the temperature will not adversely affect the growth of the plant.


"Cherry Red is not only a beautiful ornamental plant, but also a testament to the patience and passion of its growers. From its origins in 2009 to its popularity in 2023, this species proves that with continued effort and innovation, beauty and vitality can be achieved.

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