Miltonidium Hwuluduen Kenzie 'Passion' 女神文心蘭

Miltonidium Hwuluduen Kenzie 'Passion' 女神文心蘭

Origin of 'Passion' (‘Passion’的起源):

While conceptualizing 'Passion', our focus was on creating an orchid that's not only easy to grow but also visually stunning. By combining the aesthetic grace of Miltonia with the abundant blooming nature of Oncidium, we gave birth to 'Passion'—a hybrid that captivates with its beauty and prolific flowering.

在構思'女神'時,我們的重點是創造一種不僅易於種植而且在視覺上令人更為引人注目的蘭花。 透過結合 Miltonia 的魅力和 Oncidium 的豐富開花特性,我們創造了 '女神',一種以其美麗和豐富的開花而吸引人的雜交花。


'Passion's Dynamic Hues ('Passion'的動態色調)

The allure of 'Passion' lies in its mesmerizing dark purple petals that change hues under different lighting conditions, creating a dynamic visual experience. The rich symbolism of dark purple, denoting royalty, mystery, and dignity, adds a layer of depth and intrigue to each bloom, making 'Passion' a true masterpiece of nature.

'Passion' 的魅力在於其迷人的深紫色花瓣,在不同的光照條件下變化色調,創造出動態的視覺體驗。 深紫色的豐富象徵意義,代表著皇室、神秘和尊嚴,為每一朵花增添了深度和魅力層次,使 'Passion' 成為大自然的真正傑作。

Cultivating 'Passion' (栽培‘Passion’):

'Passion' is exceptionally easy to care for, thriving in a bark medium and requiring watering only when the medium dries. Its resilience, coupled with bi-weekly foliar fertilization, ensures robust growth, making 'Passion' a favored choice for both beginners and experienced orchid enthusiasts.

'Passion' 極其易於照顧,在樹皮介質中茁壯成長,僅在介質乾燥時需要澆水或泡水吸水。 加上每兩週一次的葉面施肥,確保了健壯的生長,使 'Passion' 成為初學者和有經驗的蘭花愛好者的首選。

'Passion's Versatility ('Passion'的多才多藝):

Departing from traditional Oncidiums, 'Passion' introduces a new era with its medium-sized, Miltonia-inspired blooms, offering a lush and dense floral display. This innovative approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of 'Passion' but also marks a significant advancement in Oncidium cultivation, bringing unparalleled beauty to any setting.

'Passion' 脫離了傳統的 Oncidium,以其中等大小、受 Miltonia 啟發的花朵引領了一個新的風向,提供了茂密而密集的花卉展示。 這種花型不僅增強了 'Passion' 的美學吸引力,而且標誌著文心蘭栽培的重大進步,帶來了無與倫比的美麗。


FAQ Section: Frequently Asked Questions (常見問題解答):

Q: How often should I water 'Passion'? (我應該多久澆一次'Passion'水?)

A: Only when the bark medium appears dry. 'Passion's efficient water-storage capabilities make it quite drought-tolerant.
A: 只有在樹皮介質看起來乾燥時。 'Passion' 高效率的儲水能力使其相當耐旱。

Q: Can 'Passion' be grown indoors? ('Passion' 可以在室內生長嗎?)
A: Definitely! With bright, indirect light, 'Passion' will flourish indoors.
A: 當然可以! 在明亮的間接光照下,'Passion' 會在室內茁壯成長。

Q: What's the best fertilizer for 'Passion'? ('Passion' 最適合什麼肥料?)
A: A balanced, water-soluble orchid fertilizer every two weeks, especially as a foliar feed, works best.
A: 每兩週使用一次平衡的水溶性蘭花肥料,尤其是作為葉面肥最佳。

Q: Is 'Passion' prone to pests? ('Passion' 容易受到害蟲傷害嗎?)
A: 'Passion' is notably resilient to pests, emphasizing its robust nature.
A: 'Passion' 特別能抵抗害蟲,強調了其強健的本質。

The Future with 'Passion' (與‘Passion’的未來):

Miltonidium Hwuluduen Kenzie 'Passion' heralds a new chapter in orchid cultivation, blending stunning beauty with unparalleled resilience. It beckons us to a future where orchids like 'Passion' redefine the boundaries of cultivation, bringing a new wave of excitement and possibilities to the orchid community.

Miltonidium Hwuluduen Kenzie 'Passion' 預示著蘭花栽培的新篇章,將驚人的美麗與無與倫比的韌性融合在一起。 它引領我們走向一個蘭花如 'Passion' 重新定義栽培界限的未來,為蘭花社區帶來新的熱情和可能性。

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