Oncidium Hwuluduen 'Golden Coin' 葫蘆墩'金幣'文心蘭

Oncidium Hwuluduen 'Golden Coin' 葫蘆墩'金幣'文心蘭

In the diverse world of orchids, 'Golden Coin' stands out with its uniqueness, its rare small orange flowers setting new standards for the variety.This variety is known for its smaller yet charming flowers, with concentrated formations that enhance the density and elegance of the display, presenting a more refined visual appeal.


Just like sunlight: The characteristics of 'Golden Coin'

'Golden Coin' has petals like the setting sun, with each compact flower offering a fantastic decorative opportunity, heralding a new wave of floral design.

Cultivation and care: Mastering the growth of 'Golden Coin'

Our orchids start their journey in smaller pots, moving to more spacious accommodations as they grow, allowing their roots ample development. This is a planting process that prepares them for healthy growth and abundant flowering. Water supply must be just right, neither too much nor too little. It's a delicate balance that protects against the risk of overwatering during Taiwan's rainy seasons

Resilience in the environment: Withstanding the winter's test

Our 'Golden Coin' orchids show extraordinary toughness, able to withstand the cold of winter, even down to 5 degrees Celsius. This toughness not only reflects the inherent strength of this variety but also highlights the effectiveness of our cultivation practices.
    我們的 '金幣'文心蘭表現出非凡的堅韌,能夠承受冬季的寒冷,甚至低至攝氏5度。這種堅韌不僅反映了這個品種固有的力量,也強調了我們培育實踐的有效性。

Participation in life's diversity: A florist's dream

'Golden Coin' entering the flower market has excited people because its smaller and vibrant flowers provide new possibilities for complex designs. Florists find it adaptable to various arrangement styles, celebrating its compact beauty in every creation.

Color and contrast: The advantages of 'Golden Coin'

Compared to other varieties like 'Orange Fruit,' 'Golden Coin' stands out with its unique color stability and contrast. These characteristics are crucial for growers and designers who value consistency and visual impact in their floral products.
    與 '橙果'等其他品種相比,'金幣'以其獨特的顏色穩定性和對比度脫穎而出。這些特點對於重視花卉產品一致性和視覺影響的種植者和設計師來說至關重要。

Common Questions of 'Golden Coin' '金幣'常見的問題

What makes 'Golden Coin' different from other orchid varieties?
    什麼使 '金幣'與其他蘭花品種不同?

Its rapid maturity, unique small flower size, and excellent color stability are its key distinctions.

What stands out about 'Golden Coin' in floral arrangements?

Its compact flowers allow for more detailed, complex designs, bringing a freshness to traditional setups.


Is 'Golden Coin' easy to purchase?

As this variety gains popularity, we are expanding production. Please stay updated on supply situations.

Can 'Golden Coin' be used in everyday floral arrangements?

Yes, its size, resilience, and color make it suitable for both everyday enjoyment and special occasions.

How to maintain the vibrant color of 'Golden Coin'?
    如何保持 '金幣'鮮艷的顏色?

Maintaining consistent care standards, providing proper light and fertilization, will keep its colors vibrant.

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