Oncidium Hwuluduen ‘Orange Fruit’ 葫蘆墩吉利果文心蘭

Oncidium Hwuluduen ‘Orange Fruit’ 葫蘆墩吉利果文心蘭

When we first laid eyes on the Huludun "Orange Fruit" it was like wandering through a citrus orchard bathed in sunlight, where each flower was a stroke of nature's brush, radiating with passion. These blooms, with their rich colors and delicate petals, showcased a rare and astonishing beauty in the world.


Behind this lies an endless exploration of growth and a commitment to novelty. The blooming of each "Orange Fruit" is not just a testament to time but a crystalization of the gardener's meticulous cultivation and creativity. Their colors, reminiscent of the afterglow of an autumnsunset or the warm sun of spring, offer a profound experience, as if finding a special peace and satisfaction among a sea of flowers.



Each "Orange Fruit" flower tells its unique story, from fiery orange-red to bright golden yellow, embodying the most moving language of nature. These flowers not only delight the eyes but also touch the soul, igniting the visual senses of Oncidium enthusiasts with their beauty.


For those who love life and seek beauty, the "Orange Fruit" is more than just an ornament; it represents a way of living. It inspires us to find passion even in ordinary days, reminding us that true beauty often lies in the subtle details of life.


In essence, the "Orange Fruit" is not just a member of the Oncidium series; it is a highlight in life, reminding us to cherish the small yet beautiful things in our daily routine. In this fast-paced world, let us slow down and savor every beautiful aspect of life, appreciating each detail with care, just like admiring a "citrus," and share this beauty with more people.




 As the "Orange Fruit" blooms in our gardens and hearts, it sparks our curiosity and questions. Here are some FAQs about the "Orange Fruit" aiming to deepen our understanding and appreciation of this variety.


Q: How long does the "Orange Fruit" flowering period last? Does it require special care to extend the blooming period?


A: The "Orange Fruit" flowering period can last several weeks, depending on the environmental conditions and level of care. To extend the blooming period, maintaining stable environmental conditions is crucial. At a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the flowers can last about 6-8 weeks, and above 30 degrees, about 4 weeks. It is essential to avoid drastic temperature changes and ensure adequate light and proper watering. Additionally, applying a balanced fertilizer during the bud formation phase can help extend the flowering period.


Q: What should be noted when cultivating the "Orange Fruit" indoors?


A: When growing the "Orange Fruit" indoors, ensure it receives enough light, about 10000Lux for 8-12 hours, and maintain good air circulation, which is vital for preventing disease and promoting healthy growth. Avoid placing the plant near direct heating or air conditioning vents to prevent drying out. Regularly water to keep the medium slightly moist, but Oncidiums can tolerate drought as long as the pseudobulbs are healthy. Finally, adjust watering according to the season.


Q: Is the "Orange Fruit" suitable for orchid beginners?


 A: Due to its robust nature and relatively easy care requirements, the "Orange Fruit" is indeed suitable for orchid beginners. It can adapt to a variety of cultivation conditions. On our farm, with proper wind protection during the winter, it can thrive throughout the year without fear of heat. By following basic orchid care principles, you can enjoy the beauty of its flourishing blooms.



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